We help students thrive in ALL aspects of student life.



We provide first-year University of Alabama students with the guidance and structure needed to help them reach their full potential, inside and outside the classroom. The transition from the structure of high school to the freedom of college can be challenging for many students. A+ Outcomes works with students to create a successful college plan that is catered to their individual needs and then works with them to meet their goals. We help students to establish good habits so they can take full advantage of all that Bama has to offer.  



From orientation to study skills to responsibly managing free time, we help students successfully take on the complicated transition from high school to college, and from adolescence to adulthood.



The new-found freedom of college life can be difficult for both students and parents.  We help provide a responsible and trusted link between parents and students and offer a guiding hand to encourage students to develop the habits that will lead to success.



A student cannot be successful unless they are thriving in all aspects of their life. We help our students grow and succeed in

  • Academics
  • Social life
  • Health
  • Career


Personalized Attention

Our personalized attention and commitment to each student as a unique individual sets us apart.  Each student learns differently, and each will adjust to college life and academics at a different pace.  The resources our mentors provide to each student are tailored to the specific needs and values of each student, as determined by the mentor and student as the semester develops.  The personal relationship among our mentors, the students, and their parents allows for a more holistic understanding of the students and their needs, and enables our mentors to provide better advice about how to navigate campus life.  We are invested in the success and growth of our students in all areas of their life.

The University of Alabama offers similar resources and services to those offered by A+ Outcomes, but (a)they cannot provide the personalized attention to 8,000 freshmen and (b)university employees are not able to provide candid advice in some situations.